Those who know me know that I am the furthest thing from being a sentimentalist or romantic. I don’t usually watch romantic movies mostly because I find them cheesy and lame. However, every once in awhile a film comes out that somehow manages to hit a deeply entrenched sentimental root inside of me. CAN’T HARDLY WAIT was one of those films. It came out during the teen comedy resurgence of the 90s and was one of the few films in the genre that successfully captured the John Hughes-esque vibe of the 80s teen comedies. In this clip, the young man is about to head off to college after a night of futilely searching for the high school girl he never had the courage to ask out during his 4 years in high school. The film ends in this sweet moment at the train station just before he leaves for college and the girl of his dreams shows up. Also, this movie starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, who probably sold more hand job lotion than any actress in the 90s.