HOUSESITTER is one of those rare romantic comedies that actually works. Its not hilarious nor even very funny, but its a well-written, high concept story that simply works. Steve Martin plays an architect who has a chance encounter with a waitress played by Goldie Hawn. Hawn happens to be a con artist and one night Martin describes this dream house he built for his ex-fiancee that now stands empty. Hawn decides to pick up and move to the town where the house is located and moves into the house unbeknownst to Martin. Being a creative liar, Hawn charms her way with the townsfolk and Martin’s parents, making everyone think she is Martin’s wife. Martin finally discovers that Hawn has moved into his house and that everyone thinks they are married. However, he comes up with a plan to continue the con and pretend that Hawn and Martin are now going to divorce so that Martin can get back with his ex-fiancee, who he still loves. Convoluted, I know. In this scene, Martin’s parents bring the pastor over to counsel the “troubled” couple, which forces Martin and Hawn to improvise some lies about their made-up marriage.