THE DAY OF THE JACKAL is one of the greatest political thrillers you will ever see. Fred Zinnemann’s classic was based on the huge internationally best-selling novel of the same name. The novel is epic in scope and adapting it would require a pretty hefty budget, which Universal spent on turning the book into a movie. This film has epic written all over it and Zinnemann, who was considered one of Hollywood’s most talented directors back in the day, pulls it off beautifully. The movie is about The Jackal, a British assassin who is hired by a French terrorist group to kill President Charles de Gaulle. The Jackal is played by then-unknown Edward Fox and in the following clip, he is introduced to the terrorist group and hired by them to carry out the assignment. Fox does a great job here as does French actor Michael Lonsdale as the detective hired by the French government to track the Jackal down. See it if you like political thrillers because few films can match the caliber of this movie (and skip the piece of shit remake that was made in 1997 called The Jackal):