Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn are my all-time favorite movie couple. Nobody before or since has been able to generate the sort of natural chemistry that Tracy and Hepburn so effortlessly displayed in their movies together. I think much of this had to do with the affinity they had for each other in real life and, particularly, Hepburn’s romantic affection for Tracy. Many have said that Hepburn’s feelings for Tracy is why she remained single for her entire life. Tracy was happily married to another woman and although he felt strongly for Hepburn as well, he did not believe in divorce and he remained true to his wife. Anyway, ADAM’S RIB is one of the duo’s best films and its the sort of romantic comedy that makes you wish Hollywood would bring back…wait, let me rephrase that….its the sort of romantic comedy that makes you wish Hollywood would SUCCESSFULLY bring back. Tracy and Hepburn play an assistant district attorney and a private criminal defense attorney respectively. They are happily married to each other until Tracy ends up prosecuting a woman (Judy Holliday) accused of killing her husband…and Hepburn takes on defending her! The ensuing criminal trial ends up taking a huge toll on the marriage and in the following scene, it comes to a fevered pitch as Tracy finally unleashes on Hepburn how he doesn’t like this concept of the independent, “new woman.”