Almost a year ago, in September 2011, I determined that my new job would prevent me from regularly maintaining CineWhore and so it was time to lay this blog to rest. A few months later, missing my movie blogging, I launched Cinemafesto, which although it had a cooler name and logo design, no one was visiting it. And yet, everyone was still visiting CineWhore despite me telling you all that it was gone for good. So I have done what I should have done a long time ago….go back to CineWhore and continue it. I will begin by transferring my reviews from Cinemafesto over to here before launching into new reviews. However, I think I will do things a little differently than what I did last time. Instead of just giving you guys new movie reviews, I will try to provide you with my thoughts on the state of the movie industry, box office predictions, and the reviews will encompass not just new releases, but also old films (which I used to do when I first began CineWhore). Anyway, I’m glad that many people have still stuck to the blog despite my absence and hopefully I can continue to provide you with the same level of infotainment as before.