I should have done this last week, but I didn’t come up with the idea of doing a monthly See/Don’t See feature until today. With the Summer 2012 films in full gear, there are a lot of choices for adults, kids, and everyone in between. I won’t run down the list of everything coming out each month, but instead I will give you one film I am most wanting to see and one I am most unwilling to see with runners-up for both categories.  Mind you, I have not seen these films so my picks are entirely based on what I predict will suck and not suck. So here goes:

Most Worth Buying a Ticket to See

Prometheus (20th Century Fox) – Release Date: June 8

Ridley Scott returning to his sci-fi roots is enough to make me run to the theater. Add the fact that its set in the world of ALIEN is just added sugar. Am I expecting perfection? No, but I am expecting to be fully entertained and come away in awe.

Runner-Up: Brave (Pixar/Disney) – Release Date:  June 22

Pixar’s first foray in the fairy tale world and this one looks like the studio has wiped itself clean from last year’s stench that was CARS 2. The trailers do remind me very much of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, but considering how much I loved that film, similarities between the two is not a bad thing.

Not Worth Your Time

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (Lionsgate) – Release Date: June 29

Do I really have to explain why you should avoid this film? If you are seriously considering this movie, then please, by all means, do not read my blog.

Runner-Up: That’s My Boy (Columbia/Sony) – Release Date: June 15

To think that Adam Sandler used to be funny at one time. I used to actually look forward to the next Adam Sandler film! Those days are long gone and Sandler has turned into a corporate money-making machine who spends half a brain cell to churn out mindless light humor once or twice a year.