Sorry for the huge delay. I know its almost the middle of the month, but I’ve been pretty slammed as of late. Anyway, here are my picks and non-picks for August 2012:

Most Worth Buying a Ticket to See

The Campaign (Warner Bros.) – Release Date: August 10

This film was released this past weekend and it received a surprisingly positive response from the critics. The trailers have been entertaining and a match-up between Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis (I still have to look his last name up to spell it correctly) is one of the best comedic matches in years. Both actors look like they really got into their roles and with the presidential election looming, a film such as The Campaign is very timely. Add to this the directing talents of Jay Roach, who has become one of Hollywood’s go-to comedy directors.

Lawless (Weinstein Company) – Release Date: August 29

I have not seen the tracking on this film, but I am a little worried that I have not seen nor heard (except for one trailer awhile back) anything about this movie and its only 2 weeks away from release. The trailer is very good and with the success of The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy’s stock is pretty high these days. What is most appealing about Lawless is the subject matter, which is the true story of a pair of bootlegging brothers during the Prohibition era. Bonus points for the music score done by Nick Cave.

Not Worth Your Time

Total Recall (Columbia) – Release Date: August 3

For one, Colin Farrell is no Arnold. Second, Len Wiseman is no Paul Verhoven. The original Total Recall isn’t the best film and Philip K. Dick’s novel can use a much better adaptation, but that film remains one of Arnold’s iconic roles so if you’re going to remake Total Recall, you’d better put the best talent you can find and make a true adaptation of the book. It seems like Farrell has been given an endless number of chances to be a star and he’s mostly failed. He’s not a bad actor, but I’ve never been that impressed with him. As for Len Wiseman helming this film, you know the studio has zero commitment to making a quality product when it hires the director of the Underworld movies to remake a popular (sort-of) classic.

The Expendables 2 (Lionsgate) – Release Date: August 17

I hated the first one and I see little reason why the second film will be any better. Sure, Simon West is behind the cameras instead of Stallone and although West may have a better handle on action movies, I would have preferred Stallone directing the 2nd film. Regardless, the first film was such a disappointment that it killed any desire for me to see this one. I may possibly be swayed to change my mind if the sequel receives glowing reviews from the big critics, but I somehow doubt that is going to happen.