Skyfall (Columbia & MGM) – Release Date: November 8

After the slight misstep with QUANTUM OF SOLACE, MGM knew it would need to get its most popular James Bond incarnation immediately back on track. They hired screenwriter John Logan and director Sam Mendes to ensure this 007 outing would not be a fuck-up. Based on the glowing early reviews, it looks like we’re in for a very good adventure (some critics have even boldly claimed that this is the best Bond film yet). I already regard Daniel Craig as the best James Bond in the series and even with a film like QUANTUM OF SOLACE, Craig was able to somewhat salvage a little of it with his interpretation of 007.

Hitchcock (Fox Searclight) – Release Date: November 23

I’m a sucker for movies about Hollywood. I love films like THE PLAYER, SUNSET BOULEVARD, BOOGIE NIGHTS, and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. Hell, I even enjoyed CHAPLIN. This film looks daring simply because it attempts to tell us about the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. And if there is anyone courageous enough to tackle such a larger than life character, it would be Anthony Hopkins (who’s also played another larger than life character, Richard Nixon). This film looks interesting and some of the revelations I’ve heard the film will cover will undoubtedly be fun and controversial to watch. If Hopkins pulls this off, I can see another Oscar nomination coming his way.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (Summit Entertainment) – Release Date: November 15

In one sense, I look forward to this film because its the last installment in this much reviled series (apparently, however, the author recently said that more Twilight books are not off the table). I only saw the first film, but that is all I needed to see to make up my mind about this franchise. These films are not really about vampires. All they amount to is soft core porn for the ladies. The acting his horrible, the stories are horrible, and these films have absolutely nothing redeemable about them.

Red Dawn (Film District) – Release Date: November 21

The original is no great film even by 1980’s standards. However, I’ve always liked the film’s premise, which involved the Soviets attacking and taking over the United States. The original RED DAWN has always been great material for a remake. Unfortunately, the upcoming remake doesn’t hold any promise. For one, its set during modern times and the bad guys are the North Koreans (they were originally Chinese, but the studios pussied out and were afraid of reprisals from the Chinese government). The film should have remained set in the 1980s and the villains should have remained the Soviets. Anyway, RED DAWN the remake was completed in 2009, but it has been sitting in distribution hell since then and its only now seeing the light of day.