Quirky documentaries that explore social phenomenons always make for great documentaries. Early last year (2012), a viral video maker named Matthew Bowyer went onto  Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn looking for people around the world named James Bond. Bowyer wanted to find out what life is like for real people named James Bond. Based on the trailer, the stories he’s documented sounds like it must be annoying as all fuck to be named James Bond. To a certain extent I can relate to what these people go through because with a name like Hannibal, I have encountered my own share of THE A-TEAM and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS jokes (funnily enough, people seem to be able to spell ‘Hannibal’ when spelling the movie or the character, but they fuck up the spelling of my own name). Anyway, this THE OTHER FELLOW presents an interesting premise that I hope can sustain itself for a feature-length documentary. Here’s a link: