Hopefully, the fiasco that was the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics did not somehow affect director Danny Boyle’s ability to continue making interesting films. TRANCE is his latest effort and it looks like a return to his SHALLOW GRAVE, TRAINSPOTTING, and A LIFE LESS ORDINARY days. The film is about a art thief (Danny McAvoy) who fucks up a heist and gets amnesia, forgetting where he stashed the loot. Vincent Cassel plays a mobster who hired McAvoy to get the painting. He hires a hypnotist (Rosario Dawson) to help McAvoy remember where he put the painting. The story sounds a bit farfetched and I’m not too big on Rosario Dawson, but I’ll just about watch anything by Danny Boyle so I’m willing to give this a chance. I’m also wondering if McAvoy will become Boyle’s new leading actor for his next few films considering how he looks a bit like Ewan McGregor and his character here is reminiscent of a role McGregor would have played back in his early days collaborating with Boyle. The trailer is linked below.