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The one film that director Brett Ratner can competently pull off is the RUSH HOUR series. At the same time, it doesn’t take a good director to make these films because you already have the dynamic duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan making it all work. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the RUSH HOUR films and that’s mostly because of Tucker, a comedian who reminds me more of old Eddie Murphy than anyone else. Below, is a fun scene from RUSH HOUR 2 where Tucker and Chan enter a massage parlor and get into a fight with a bunch of Triads.


Mother (1996): Favorite Moment

Albert Brooks has always seemed to operate in the shadow of Woody Allen. Not quite as famous or respected, Brooks has been referred to as L.A.’s answer to Woody Allen. I regard MOTHER as Brooks’ best film. Its a smartly written comedy that shines a huge spotlight on Debbie Reynolds, who also gives a career best performance. The film is insightful and contains many scenes that will be all-too familiar with audiences. It was difficult for me to single out one best moment, but the following scene is a classic:

BEETLEJUICE is Tim Burton’s second feature film directorial effort and remains among his classics. This is the film where we discovered Burton’s penchant for the gothic. Its also a bit sad watching this film because it marks the early years of Burton’s career before the quality of his films took for the worse (beginning with 1995’s MARS ATTACKS). BEETLEJUICE is an insanely original story that’s uniquely Burton (or as some would call it, its Burtonesque). The following two clips are my favorite moments from the film:

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn are my all-time favorite movie couple. Nobody before or since has been able to generate the sort of natural chemistry that Tracy and Hepburn so effortlessly displayed in their movies together. I think much of this had to do with the affinity they had for each other in real life and, particularly, Hepburn’s romantic affection for Tracy. Many have said that Hepburn’s feelings for Tracy is why she remained single for her entire life. Tracy was happily married to another woman and although he felt strongly for Hepburn as well, he did not believe in divorce and he remained true to his wife. Anyway, ADAM’S RIB is one of the duo’s best films and its the sort of romantic comedy that makes you wish Hollywood would bring back…wait, let me rephrase that….its the sort of romantic comedy that makes you wish Hollywood would SUCCESSFULLY bring back. Tracy and Hepburn play an assistant district attorney and a private criminal defense attorney respectively. They are happily married to each other until Tracy ends up prosecuting a woman (Judy Holliday) accused of killing her husband…and Hepburn takes on defending her! The ensuing criminal trial ends up taking a huge toll on the marriage and in the following scene, it comes to a fevered pitch as Tracy finally unleashes on Hepburn how he doesn’t like this concept of the independent, “new woman.”

Go (1999): Favorite Moments

GO is a relic of the 90’s when every filmmaker was trying to be Quentin Tarantino. Most of those wannabe’s ended up in the dollar bins, but some emerged as classics and GO is one of them. The film is a little dated (i.e. rave parties and conversations about meaningless pop cultural shit that was popularized by SEINFELD and PULP FICTION). However, it remains a highly entertaining and engaging film by director Doug Liman. It was hard for me to pick out 1 favorite scene from the film, so I picked 4 of my favorites, which are below:

I regard REALITY BITES as one of the best films to come out of the 90s and a film that perfectly captures the qualities of the Gen X/slacker generation. Its amazing to think that this film was directed by Ben Stiller rather than someone more likely to be associated with a film like this (like Richard Linklater or Cameron Crowe). REALITY BITES is one of those films that whenever I come across it on cable, I end up watching the entire thing. Its got a great cast, great dialogue, and the humor still holds up 17 years after its release. Below are my favorite moments from the film:

A CIVIL ACTION, the book by Jonathan Harr, is recommended reading at just about any law school you go to. It should be required reading if you’re planning on going into litigation because it paints a great picture of the costs and stakes that go into taking a case to trial. This was a true story and the reason it was written as a book was because it shows the absolute extreme an attorney will go in handling a case. Most lawyers do not embark on the kind of suicidal mission that Jan Schlichtmann (John Travolta) did to represent a couple of families in Woburn, Massachusetts against W.R. Grace and Beatrice Foods. This film is one of the best, if not THE BEST, legal film I have seen. Below are 3 of my favorite clips from the movie, the first being the very opening of the film:

The most famous scene in Rob Reiner’s A FEW GOOD MEN is during the climactic moment when Tom Cruise demands the truth from Jack Nicholson and Nicholson yells back that Cruise can’t handle the truth. No doubt, that is a good scene. However, my favorite moment occurs much earlier when Jack Nicholson is hosting Tom Cruise and Demi Moore on his base and exerts his power over the two attorneys. Its a great scene and a wonderful performance by Nicholson.

With Michael Bay’s latest bombastic and numbing experience being released this weekend, TRANSFORMERS 3, I figured I would post a clip from Tony Scott, arguably the father of the whole MTV style of action movies that Bay and many others became strongly influenced by. ENEMY OF THE STATE began Tony Scott’s fascination with the use of handheld, always moving cameras and the use of voyeuristic cameras (surveillance, video, broadcast) to tell his story. This film has held up ok over the years, which is due to the strong cast, especially Gene Hackman. This is my favorite moment from the film – Will Smith’s character meets Gene Hackman’s character for the first time:

Part of why I like I AM SAM is because of Michelle Pfeiffer (even though this clip doesn’t have her in it), who I consider the most beautiful actress to ever grace the screen. I AM SAM isn’t a bad movie so long as you ignore all the logical gaps and implausibilities contained in the story and you can get over the director’s use of extremely annoying camerawork. In this clip, Sam (Sean Penn) has finally agreed to go to Bob’s Big Boy instead of IHOP, his usual dining place, as per his daughter’s (Dakota Fanning) request. However, being autistic, the difference between Bob’s Big Boy’s and IHOP’s menus doesn’t sit too well with Sam’s preference for regularity.